Void Wretch

Welcome to the beginning of our slow review system for every model in Malifaux.  To clarify our format compared to other sources, we want to give each model a quick summary based on the card and our experience with it (if any) to cover things we like, things we don’t, and why we might take it in a crew list, focusing on how the model works on it’s own and leaving synergies to the preference of each player.  Our hope is that for more insight on full crew synergy and strategies you’ll look at a wide selection of other sources.

To start with we are going to show minions some love starting with the Outcast faction, Void Wretch.

What we like: The key points that hit me when hiring these guys is a mix of incorporeal and a (potentially) high Df all for 4SS.  Avg walk and Wp don’t hurt their stats for the price, and as scheme runners these guys have the potential to endure a bit of a skirmish or at the very least out maneuver your opponent for VP.  Their 1AP attack isn’t accurate, but being resisted by Wp can sometimes mitigate this depending on what your going against on the table.  Additionally, a 0AP attack to throw around the Fast and Slow conditions isn’t always usable, but depending on your crew setup, can be a good way to drain your opponent’s hand or deck of good cards (see Why take it section).

What we don’t: The previous mentioned Df – while being really solid late turn, is highly variable throughout each turn as it fluctuates depending on cards in hand. Their other 2 actions, an attack and a tactical action, are highly situational, requiring buried models as targets.  While the tactical action is adequate in usage, the attack accuracy for their attack on buried models leaves much to be desired for a consistent use, settling them in the scheme runner niche for practical uses.

Why take it:  If you’re looking for cheap models to fill out your crew with a dash of hardy, these guys fit the bill.  At the very least their Avg movement and incorporeal will get them where you want them so dense terrain can work to your advantage.  These guys also work great in groups if you have the space available – not to be read as strictly Void Spam but to include that strategy as well – being able to 0Ap a condition multiple times in your turn to drain your opponent’s hand or deck while maintaining your mobility and other AP options isn’t too shabby.  Depending on how many you end up taking, they are also a great semi-disposable way to get some early game out-activations letting you place your other models where they’ll be the most useful to you.


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