Continuing with our model reviews and minion theme, we have the Ten Thunders, Torakage.

What we like: These guys are nothing if not really consistent.  Moderate values for every stat from SS cost to Cg, these models are impressively resilient multi-taskers with abilities that give them an edge in many forms of engagement.  Where they really shine though, is their immunity to disengaging strikes – that coupled with their above average Walk stat lets them traverse the table more or less unhindered.  Positioned well, they also take an average Ml attack and improve their odds with +flips.

What we don’t: For all said about the Torakage’s stats, their lack of any defensive abilities within combat makes them rely heavily on your fate deck to keep them up and running.  The damage spread on bother their attacks is also rather minimal, especially on their Sh attack which relies on Focus to get any + flips and is most useful for getting a built in push on resolution (the applications of which are very situational).

Why take it: If you have a 6SS slot to fill in a crew and don’t have a specific niche to fill, a Torakage can be switched up very easily mid-game to go from a scheme runner to a efficient scheme killer, or vice versa.  They really shine in these two areas, their speed and mobility are great for getting in and around your opponent’s models if positioning schemes is a key, and they are plenty fast and tough enough to chase down a small-fry scheme runner your opposition is sending out cheap models to achieve similar goals.  These models work very well on their own, but can benefit from many buffs if the option presents itself in your crew, especially defensively. If nothing else in your game, hire them for their versatility to work in your favor for most play styles and scheme pools.


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