Rail Worker

Next up is a metallic friend who hails from both Ten Thunders and Arcanists! The Rail Worker!

What we like: With front card defensive abilities of Armor +1, Hard to Kill, and a Defensive trigger on a Tome to essentially give them Armor +3 for the attack, they can take quite a beating! If you have any way to heal these guys they’ll stick around much longer than any 5 SS model with 4 wounds should. Oh another pro – they’re 5 stones! They have a decent melee attack with a nice damage spread of 2/4/5 that can pin people down rendering them unable to move or push for the rest of the turn. At Ml 5 its not awful, where this model becomes a serious threat is when it can use its (0) tactical action Implacable Assault to gain Focus to all Ml attack actions for the rest of the turn. This makes that moderate and severe damage track a much higher threat. Anytime you can fairly easily get 4 damage out of an attack from a 5 SS minion? I’ll take it. And the (0) action doesn’t require a flip, only to discard a card.

What we don’t: Defense 5, WP 5, with 4 WDs, a WK of 4, and an average charge. These guys are slow and could be melted. If your opponent can ignore armor, or hard to kill, and you don’t get or have a tome, so long Rail Worker. I feel like that about sums it up. These models can be fairly unreliable and inconsistent depending on your match up. They’ll either be ever living death machines dealing moderate damage, or getting 1 shot by a model like Joss. Use them wisely.

Why take it: These guys will fit right in if you’re facing a faction that can’t easily ignore armor. Their low SS cost of 5 stones allows them to fit into most crews as decent anti-scheme runners, and can even pose a real threat to Enforcers or some Henchman with their ability to deal high damage. Take them if you need some fill models that are worth their salt in combat, and even better if they don’t have to spread out or walk very far. Take them with anything that can heal them and their ability to survive can become ridiculous.

Thanks for reading!


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