Hey there, sorry for the delay after the last few posts, there’s been a lot going on on a number of fronts, and we are just now getting back into the flow of things.  There will likely still be some delays, but we will do our best to get back on track as things wind down.

Jumping back into our minion model reviews, I’m heading into another new faction with the Neverborn’s Changelings:

What we like: These guys are true mimics for Malifaux, really earning their name where their sole purpose is to use the (1) attack actions of other models. Tying that ability in with a 1/turn ability to take the action for free on a model in range makes these great companions to Neverborn crews at a really reasonable price.  Where these guys really take these abilities to the next level is when you can get their abilities off on one of your opponent’s beater models.  Even if you fail the duel (you really might), it’s a great opportunity to either drain your opponent’s deck, or their hand if you have a good high card you’re willing to cheat.  Their manipulative ability is also great for keeping them fairly safe for most of the turn, letting them serve as road-blocks to your opposition as you play.

What we don’t: Their attack value applied to all attacks is really low.  At a very superficial view, new players can think of them as four stone models that will hit as hard as what they copy, but that’s just not the case.  Be mindful when using them to apply them as utility to the rest of your crew, rather than relying on them for anything more than scheme running.

Why take it: If the Manipulative doesn’t give it away, these models have their highest value later in the turn.  The really low attack value can be easily mitigated by a lack of cards in your opponent’s control hand.  Changelings have a reasonably achievable teleport that can get them into position and make the best use of their AP.  There’s nothing quite like running one into combat and taking a damage track like Howard Langston and turning it against another model.  Or even Hank himself!

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